About The Spaccarelli Family

The Spaccarelli family roots come from northern and southern Italy. We all have a passion for cooking and it all started when Grandma Lucy (who was always know to be the best cook in town) always had a Sicilian pizza in her oven. She taught us that if you cook good food they will come…!! At Prato we still prepare food they way it was done back in the days…it starts with the finest  ingredients and carefully prepared under a watch full eye. Our chefs along with us are all seasoned and come a wealth of recipes. Here you can enjoy home made everything! From daily prepared pastas, creamy tender milky mozzarella, artisian breads, delicious Tiramisu and creamy gelato.  

Come, eat drink and enjoy the fruits of our labor! The Spaccarelli Family!

About Angel Spaccarelli Owner

I have a passion for being in the kitchen. If I had to pick a favorite, I love baking and playing with different flavor pairing. I use a lot of family recipes as well as going outside of the lines and breaking rules. I am self-taught and love to read and collect cook books as well as watching cooking shows on television. My reward is watching people enjoy the fruits of my labor, I thrive on that and it motivates me to try something different and sometimes unusual. My grandparents are all from Italy, I think the love and respect for food runs through my veins. My heart and soul are in all that I do. – Angel

Our Pasta

Pasta, what can I say. What a wonderful gateway for so many possibilities. Pasta is like a blank canvas. I flavor and color my pasta with fresh vibrant ingredients. Filled pasta is another great way to add to the uniqueness of my pasta. Fillings are anywhere from wild foraged ingredients, cheese, meats, vegetables and combinations of all. Many different sizes and shapes are another special touch. Next is pairing these little beauties with the vehicle which will carry them, such as sauces and soups. The “pastabilities” are endless!…Angel

Our Mozzarella

Johnny Mozz hand stretched fresh mozzarella made daily by John Spaccarelli Jr. also known as Johnny Mozz… I started making cheese 10 years ago when I was inspired to make a creamy tender mozzarella that our family would enjoy at dinner.  I started at a booth at our family winery which grew quickly and was in high demand! I was so happy that people liked and greatly valued my cheese.  When we opened the restaurant I knew this had to be a place where everyone can enjoy it. It is always on our special menu and sometimes incorporated in our entrée dishes. My desire and passion to make the mozzarella drove me to make a stuffed rolled version as well as a dried scamorza cheese…Johnny Mozz 

Our Pizza

Hand stretched pizza made daily with only the finest ingredients.

Our Specialty Pizzeria section of the restaurant offers an abundance of gourmet and traditional toppings cooked to perfection with a crispy crust . Only here at Prato will you find a Vodka Ravioli Pizza surrounded with crispy garlic knots. We offer an assortment of gourmet Pizza slices, fresh baked Calzones, Rolls, Sicilian and Grandma Lucy thin square Sicilian pies and not to forgot our garlic knots!

Our Bread

Crusty artisan bread. Who doesn’t love that hard crust on the outside and soft interior.  Each one of my loaves are individually handmade and fermented for at least 14 hours, the process is long but rewarding. This isn’t just ordinary bread, I love to play with the flavors such as: rosemary & prosciutto, olive, herb, cranberry walnut, and more. Our customers can purchase the bread to take home or enjoy with their delicious meals here in our dining room. Not only do I make each loaf by hand but also cut them by hand as well. The way I judge the crispiness of the crust is when I cut the loaves and a piece of crust shoots off the knife and hits me and hurts, that’s great, it makes me smile! I did good…Angel

Our Dessert

My absolute favorite! I get carried away with making dessert. I love to play with different flavor combinations, colors and textures as well. For the restaurant I have created my signature Toasted Almond Tiramisu in addition to the traditional tiramisu style and some seasonal flavors.  I also created my own “An”GELATO, hand whipped gelato which keeps my wheels spinning out of control with out of the ordinary flavors as well as regular favorites. My rice pudding is a family recipe which is familiar good old-fashioned comfort food. I make cannoli’s with most unusual flavors as well, and when time allows or I get a special ingredient, I will make a secret special dessert…Angel

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